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Mangala Kader

Tech Enthusiast

About me

For over 7+ years I have been working as a developer, an architect and a consultant in the IT Service Industry with a team of developers for full-scale operations using TDD and providing End-to-End architectural solutions for complex real-time systems.

Chief Technology Officer

Iterontech | Apr, 2019 - Present

Managing multiple international projects and making key decisions in terms of technological scope and doing the necessary ground work and driving the teams to focus on what's needed in terms of development and delivery.

Senior Architect

Iterontech | Jan, 2018 - Mar, 2019

One of our clients needed performance and volume for their product. I designed some of the patented proprietary algorithms using erlang and elixir in a modular way which connects to AI and Blockchain.

Senior Software Engineer

MocDoc | Dec, 2014 - Jan, 2018

Development of modules such as Asset Management for Health Care Units, Quality Control for Lab Machines as well as improving the UI and UX for product and iOT for Machine Automation.

Freelance Developer

Apr, 2011 - Oct, 2014

Developed webistes for local business using cutting-edge technologies and also involved with remote teams across various companies in certain areas of web development and software architecture.

OSS Contributions

ASDF - Imagemagick

asdf is an extendable version manager with support for Imagemagick and more. asdf-imagemagick extends the support for maintaining multiple installations of imagemagick in *nix based systems.